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Not available in Canada, Mexico and Pakistan out of our Designated Countries

Universal Compatibility while using ORO-A1002 Nylon charging cable

The ORO-A1002 Nylon charging cable is engineered to be the ultimate solution for all your charging needs. With compatibility that extends to 90% of mobile devices, you can say goodbye to the clutter of multiple cables. Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, this cable ensures that you’re covered, making it the perfect addition to your tech arsenal.

Stylish Variety with ORO-A1002 Nylon charging cable

We understand that personal style matters. That’s why this Multi Nylon charging cable comes in a range of four stylish colors: red, blue, silver, and black. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant look or a sleek and understated aesthetic, there’s a color to match your taste. Elevate your charging experience with a touch of personal flair.

Optimal Length

Have you ever struggled with cables that are just too short? With a generous length of 1.2 meters (4 feet), this cable offers the flexibility and freedom you need. Say goodbye to contorting yourself into awkward positions to charge your device. Whether you’re using your device while it charges or simply need some extra distance from the outlet, this cable has you covered.

Durable and Reliable

Built to last, the ORO-A1002 Nylon charging cable is designed with durability in mind. The nylon braided exterior provides robust protection against wear and tear, ensuring that your cable stays in top condition even with daily use. It’s not just a cable; it’s an investment in long-lasting reliability.

Fast and Efficient Charging

We know that time is precious. That’s why this cable is engineered for fast and efficient charging. Whether you’re powering up your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices, you can count on the Multi Nylon Charging Cable to deliver a swift and reliable charge every time.

In conclusion, the ORO-A1002 Nylon charging cable is the epitome of convenience, style, and reliability. With universal compatibility, a range of stylish colors, optimal length, and durability, it’s the ideal cable for modern tech enthusiasts. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to a charging solution that complements your lifestyle.

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Red, Blue, black, silver

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