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15W Wireless Charging Pad

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Product Description:

Is it Designed for Stability?

Absolutely. The 15W Wireless Charging Pad boasts a bottom non-slip silicone pad that keeps it securely in place on your desk or nightstand. Say goodbye to the frustration of your charging pad slipping around; it stays put, ensuring your devices charge reliably.

What about Fast Charging with 15W Wireless Charging Pad ?

This charging pad is all about speed. With a Type-C interface and support for fast charge input protocols, it delivers efficient and rapid charging to your devices. Whether you’re juicing up your smartphone or other compatible gadgets, expect a swift and hassle-free charging experience.

Does it Maintain a Stable Power Supply?

Yes, it does. The stability of the power supply is crucial not just for your devices but also for the charging pad itself. This Charging Pad is engineered to provide a consistent and stable power supply for charging its own components. This ensures longevity and reliability, so your charging pad remains a dependable part of your tech setup.

What’s the Aesthetic Appeal of 15W Wireless Charging Pad ?

This charging pad isn’t just about functionality; it’s a stylish addition to your space. With a cloth-like leather finish and a premium metal texture, it exudes elegance and sophistication. It complements your devices and adds a touch of class to your workspace or home.

In summary, this Charging Pad offers not only convenience but also stability, speed, and the style. Its non-slip silicone base keeps it in place, while the Type-C interface and fast input protocol ensure rapid charging. Moreover, it maintains a steady power supply for both your devices and itself. Plus, its cloth-like leather and metal-textured finish make it a visually appealing addition to your tech collection.


15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad TS01S
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black and white
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White, black

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