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N16 GripDrive Power Station

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Product Name: N16 GripDrive Power Station
For Mobile Phone (Any smartphone with wireless charging function)

Function: The built-in magnet adsorbs the mobile phone and does not fall off, charging while navigating, can also be placed on the desktop as a stand

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Product Description

Power Up On the Go: The N16 GripDrive Power Station Keeps You Connected

Long car journeys or daily commutes can leave your phone running low on battery. But what if there was a wireless charging solution that offered a secure hold, fast charging, and versatile placement options? Look no further than the N16 GripDrive Power Station! This innovative car charger combines convenience, safety, and style to keep your phone powered and ready to go. Let’s delve into the features that make the N16 Power Station a must-have for any driver:

Power Up in a Flash: Unleash the Power of 15W Wireless Charging

Does the N16 GripDrive Power Station offer fast and efficient charging?

Absolutely! The N16 Power Station boasts a powerful 15W wireless charging capability. This ensures your phone charges quickly and efficiently, keeping you connected and ready for navigation, entertainment, or hands-free calls throughout your journey.

A Secure Grip: Stable Magnetic Connection

How does the N16 GripDrive Power Station ensure your phone stays securely mounted?

The N16 Power Station prioritizes stability. Featuring a strong magnetic connection, it firmly holds your phone in place, even on bumpy roads or sharp turns. This eliminates the worry of your phone slipping or falling while charging, allowing you to focus on the drive with peace of mind.

Adaptable to Your Needs: 360° Viewing and Versatile Placement

Does the N16 GripDrive Power Station offer flexible viewing options?

The N16 Power Station boasts a 360° rotating design. This allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your phone for optimal comfort and convenience. Whether you’re using your phone for GPS navigation, watching videos, or making video calls, the N16 Power Station ensures you have the perfect position.

More Than Just a Charger: A Multi-Surface Mounting Solution

Where can the N16 GripDrive Power Station be mounted in your car?

The N16 Power Station offers exceptional versatility. It can be securely mounted on various surfaces within your car, including the air vent, windshield, dashboard, or even a tabletop. This flexibility allows you to choose the placement that best suits your needs and preferences.

Safety First: A Multitude of Protection Features

Does the N16 GripDrive Power Station prioritize the safety of your phone?

The N16 Power Station prioritizes the safety of your device. It features a comprehensive suite of protection features, including overvoltage, overcharge, over discharge, over power, magnetic field, electrostatic, temperature, and over current protection. This ensures your phone is shielded from potential damage while charging.

Style Meets Functionality: Available in a Range of Colors

Does the N16 Power Station offer any personalization options?

The N16 Power Station understands that style matters. This car charger comes in a variety of eye-catching colors, including black, white, orange, and green. Choose the color that best complements your car’s interior or personal style.

The N16 Power Station goes beyond just being a car charger. It’s a comprehensive solution that offers fast wireless charging, a secure magnetic hold, versatile placement options, and a variety of safety features. Available in a range of colors, the N16 Power Station keeps you connected, safe, and stylish on every journey.




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White, green, Black, Orange


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