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(Not Available in Pakistan out of our Designated Countries)

Introducing the Super Bass Mobile Waterproof Gaming Earbuds, your ultimate companions for gaming and active pursuits.

Swift Charging for Uninterrupted Gaming and Activity

Experience non-stop entertainment with a mere 1-hour charging time. Quick charging capabilities ensure minimal downtime, keeping you immersed in your adventures.

Waterproof Design for Active Lifestyles

Crafted to endure water and moisture, these earbuds are your reliable companions for intense workouts or outdoor escapades, rain or shine.

Effortless Control with Touch Gestures

Intuitive touch controls empower you to manage music, calls, and gaming sessions seamlessly, enhancing your overall experience.

Magnetic Charger for Convenience

Bid farewell to tangled cords. The magnetic charger guarantees a hassle-free connection, making recharging a breeze.

Immersive Super bass with gaming earbuds

Enjoy an audio experience like no other. Enhanced super bass sound quality brings your gaming and entertainment to life.

Tailored for Gamers and Sports Enthusiasts

Versatile enough to cater to both gaming enthusiasts and sports aficionados, these earbuds seamlessly blend entertainment and fitness.

Durability and Style Combined

Designed for performance and built to last, these earbuds boast a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of sophistication.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere with Super bass gaming earbuds

Stay effortlessly connected to your digital world. These earbuds ensure seamless connectivity, embracing versatility and convenience.

Elevate your audio experience with these Earbuds. With quick charging, waterproof durability, touch controls, and magnetic charging, these earbuds redefine on-the-go entertainment. durability, and style.

These Gaming Earbuds redefine audio perfection. With rapid charging, waterproof resilience, touch controls, and magnetic convenience, they become your essential companions for unending entertainment and unstoppable activity.

Wireless version
Frequency response
32 Ω
Charging box
Earbuds battery
Charging time
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