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LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holder

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(Not Available in Mexico out of our Designated countries)

Introducing the innovative solution to stay connected even in the steamiest environments – the LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holders. Designed to enhance your daily routines, these holders offer a secure and convenient way to keep your phone accessible while you enjoy a relaxing shower or take care of bathroom tasks.

Unmatched Convenience: LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holder

With the LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holders, your device becomes easily accessible whenever you need it. No more balancing acts or worries about water damage – these holders provide a safe spot for your phone right on your bathroom wall.

Anti-Slip Design for Peace of Mind

Featuring an anti-slip design, these holders ensure your phone stays in place, even on wet surfaces. Whether you’re in the middle of a shower or quickly checking messages, you can trust that your device won’t slide off or get damaged.

Waterproof and Anti-Fog Construction

Equipped with waterproof and anti-fog capabilities, these holders keep your phone safe from moisture and foggy conditions. Now you can enjoy your shower without worrying about steam affecting your device or causing potential damage.

Sticky Wall Mount for Easy Installation

Installing your LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holder is a breeze, thanks to the sticky wall mount. No drilling or complex setup required – just stick the holder to a suitable surface, and you’re ready to go. It’s the perfect solution for those who want convenience without the hassle.

Versatile Mobile Phone Stand

These holders aren’t just for your shower. Use them as a reliable phone stand for watching videos, following recipes, or even taking video calls. The versatility of the LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holders makes them a must-have accessory for your bathroom and beyond.

Enjoy Connectivity, Stay Organized with LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holder

Stay connected to your digital world even in the bathroom, all while keeping your space organized and clutter-free. With the LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holders, you can effortlessly integrate technology into your daily routine without sacrificing style or functionality.

Experience the perfect blend of practicality and innovation with the LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holders. Embrace the ease of access, anti-slip security, and waterproof convenience they offer, all while transforming your bathroom into a tech-savvy haven. Say goodbye to precarious placements and hello to a new level of connectivity and organization.

Product Name
LP-PHB01 Bathroom Mobile-Phone Holder
Waterproof and anti-fog, Sensitive touch screen, Easy installation
Neutral Color box / Custom color box
MOQ 10pcs / customized logo 500pcs /customized packing box 2000pcs
Bathroom Mobile Phone Holder
Bathroom Mobile Phone Holder
Bathroom Mobile Phone Holder
Bathroom Mobile Phone Holder

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White, Blue


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