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Product Description

Revolutionize Your Photography with the Gimbal Head Camera Tripod

Introducing the revolutionary Gimbal Head Camera Tripod – a pinnacle of stability and precision, designed to redefine your photography and videography experience.

Unmatched Stability and Fluidity: A New Realm of Creative Possibilities

Unlock a new realm of creative possibilities with a Gimbal Head Camera Tripod. Designed to provide unmatched stability and fluidity, this innovative tool is a game-changer for photographers and videographers alike.

Silky-Smooth Movements for Professional-Grade Results

Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes or fast-paced action, the gimbal head ensures silky-smooth movements, eliminating jerky motions for professional-grade results.

Cinematic Precision: Say Goodbye to Shaky Footage

Say goodbye to shaky footage and hello to cinematic precision. The gimbal head’s advanced technology counteracts vibrations and unwanted movements, allowing you to focus solely on your composition.

Effortless Control for Seamless Tracking

Its intuitive design offers seamless control, enabling you to effortlessly pan, tilt, and track your subjects with finesse.

Versatile and Adaptable: Ready for Any Shooting Scenario

The Gimbal Head Camera Tripod is versatile and adaptable, accommodating various camera sizes and weights. From lightweight mirrorless cameras to heavy-duty DSLRs, this tripod proves its worth across different shooting scenarios. Whether you’re in a studio setting, capturing wildlife in its natural habitat, or documenting special events, the gimbal head’s versatility ensures you’re equipped for any photographic journey.

Elevate Your Craft with the Future of Stabilizing Technology

Experience the future of stabilizing technology with the Gimbal Head Camera Tripod. Elevate your craft, elevate your storytelling, and capture moments with unparalleled precision. Invest in this essential tool and elevate your photography and videography to new heights.



Tripod + 3-dimensional Damping Head Kit

Extend to 1460mm

Built-in bubble level

360 ° horizontal and 90 ° vertical swivel Ball head

Grip for combined head position

4-sections aluminum legs

Gear-operated center column

Quick release leg lock

Non-slip rubber feet

Lightweight and portable

Detachable quick-release plate for quick connecting to camera or camcorder

1/4 “male thread compatible with all Cameras and Camcorders

Comes with a carrying bag

Ideal for outdoor, travel, and timer shoots


Material: Aluminum Alloy & Plastic

Max. Height: 1460mm

Folding Height: 460mm

Max. Tube width: 20mm

Loading Capacity: 3kg

Weight: 1.25kg

Product Description
Stabilizing Head Camera Stand
Steady Head Camera Mount
Smooth Movement Camera Support
Controlled Movement Camera Stand
Gimbal Head Camera Tripod
Gimbal Head Camera Tripod
Smooth Movement Camera Support
Fluid Motion Camera Tripod

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